B-Right Urban Living


For city creators, B-Right invests in and develops smart micro living solutions that are resident-centric and communityshaping, with flexible yet long-term ownership commitment to unlock sustainable city living.

Whether intended or not, every building expresses a philosophy, a vision of what it means to live a good life.

In order to accelerate the development of vibrant and diverse urban communities, developers need a broader vision of what a good life in the city can mean today. One based less on quantity of space and more on quality of living.

As owner, investor, manager and developer of smart (small size/high quality) urban living environments across Europe, B-Right Urban Living brings a unique range of relevant skills and experience to any housing project.

But we also bring a real curiosity about new ideas and a strong desire to work side-by-side with city creators who share our vision: city managers, developers, investors and others who see the need for more flexible, sustainable, resident-centric urban communities.